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The Hello! South Shore project is an initiative of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce with support from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We’re tooting our own horn shining a light on this beautiful vibrant place where we all live and work. 

The South Shore is a collection of vibrant, quaint, beautiful New England towns that span from the Quincy to Plymouth along both sides of the Rt. 3 Corridor to the coast. ​Discover the South Shore’s arts, music, history, recreational activities, food scene, and more. The region has an abundance of things to do, see, create and explore right down the road from you.

The South Shore Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit association of businesses representing 25 communities south of Boston. Funded by members and partners businesses for 120 years, the Chamber’s mission is to cultivate a stronger South Shore economy by encouraging a robust and diverse business climate; and by supporting the local communities we represent. 

The South Shore Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organization in the region and holds a 5-star accreditation by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. We are a member-driven, business and community-focused association that brings people together to build a vibrant business climate and continuous economic growth.  

South Shore 2030 aims to create the right environment for current and future businesses to thrive. It builds on the idea that businesses do well in communities where there is a healthy supply of talent because of the interesting, diverse, and attractive places to live and work.

To achieve this goal, we focus on housing options that attract the next generation of workers, transportation solutions to support businesses and their workforce, and increase infrastructure capacity — all to promote the economic well-being of our community for years to come.

Giving Back

“The South Shore region has a lot of really interesting, fun, vibrant local businesses, trails, history across all 25 communities. Our residents, the whole world frankly, knows about Plymouth Rock, the Adams family and our beaches nearby. While we will be highlighting these attractions — there is so much more to see and do in our region. We want our residents to experience what is in their own town or just two towns away. We’re excited to unlock wonder in our residents all while supporting local businesses as they recover.”   

– Peter Forman
President & CEO

South Shore Chamber of Commerce.


“We believe [the Hello! South Shore project] will not only encourage people from all over the Commonwealth to visit the South Shore but will also remind those of us that live and work here of the myriad of opportunities for recreation, dining, housing, and the arts that are right here close to home." 

– James Boudreau
Scituate Town Administrator

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