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  • Jill Donovan

Exploring the South Shore's Gold Coast - Hello! South Shore Cohasset Bound

Last Saturday, I started my day by luring my kids out of the house with the promise of having lunch out, something we rarely do. Two out of my four children were enthusiastic takers.

I was pleased that my daughter, Maggie, was one of the participants as she is a budding artist, and the South Shore Arts Center was on our list of local museums to visit. We made our way to the South Shore Arts Center to be inspired by the local artist’s work. And we were! A myriad of watercolors, photographs, and sculptures splattered the walls. My son’s favorite was an enormous painting of an eagle. If he had more money (any money) he would have purchased that one. Curious to see more art, we ventured upstairs to find 2 classrooms bustling with young artists learning their craft. I made a mental note to look into classes for my own children.

We made our way around to the exterior of the center to find enormous, colorful murals on the wall. They were vibrant and conveyed messages of love, nature, and hope.

Next, the promise of lunch was upon us. We headed over to Lenny’s Hideaway,

which is perfectly named due to the ‘secret entrance’ above the boxing gym. The staircase and connecting walls were adorned with a finely refined selection of classic record covers. We chose to sit outside on the wrap around patio connected to a row of beautiful gardens with blooming cacti and other exotic plants. We received our menus promptly and started our decision making. My teenage daughter chose to venture outside of her regular selections with a delicious poblano chicken quesadilla. My son chose a beef taco and myself a chicken taco. We started with chips and salsa, which impressed me with their authenticity and homemade taste. The food was delicious, fresh, and authentic and was accompanied by a noticeable interior design curated to the aesthetic of the youth.

Just as lunch was served the bell tower of a neighboring church began to chime. It was beautiful music that lasted throughout our entire lunch. Now and again my children would recognize songs like the theme to Sesame Street. It was magical. After lunch we took a stroll through downtown. I told my children of the time the downtown was transformed into a Hollywood movie set for “Witches of Eastwick”. Many stores were welcoming with open doors and friendly staff. We enjoyed poking in a couple stores and finding a couple treasures to take home. Then we made our way to the source of the bells chiming, which was this beautiful, stone church high on a hill in the center of town. To end out tour, we took a walk over to the common and were pleasantly surprised to see artwork displayed along the way. It is a beautiful setting for picnics, play, and quiet reflection.

Hello! South Shore is an initiative of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce. Our goal is to unlock wonder in our residents and spotlight all the great things our communities have to offer from arts, music, outdoor activities to food, beverage and local retailers. Get out and explore. You'll be surprised at how much you haven't seen.

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