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History & Heritage on the Harbor - Hello! Scituate

This weekend's trip to Scituate was like stepping back in time... to a couple years ago before the Pandemic! Heritage Days, the widely known and anticipated multi-day event, promoted some of the best of Scituate’s past and present. Attendees enjoyed live music, beer garden from local Untold Brewing, vendor merchants, lighted boat parade and more... and downtown businesses and restaurants were booming with energy.

The Scituate Historical Society opened up many of their local sites for visitors - Scituate Light, Lawson Tower, Maritime and Mossing Museum were just a few. While visiting, we met two Bates House volunteers helping to tell the story of local heroines of the War of 1812 (pictured above). Rebecca and Abigail Bates, daughters of Scituate’s Lighthouse Keeper noticed small boats being lowered from a British ship in the ocean. They suspected the boats heading to shore were a raiding party preparing to vandalize local shops and fishing vessels. The two cleverly took up their own drum and fife to loudly play Yankee Doodle Dandy, bluffing the approaching marauders into thinking the Scituate locals were alert and organizing a defense. They saved the day and left us perhaps the most unique example of how music and the arts have contributed to the South Shore’s economy.

We also got to see a glimpse into the future with an early peek of the Scituate Salt Cave—a new business soon to open on Front Street. Owner Cristina Curreri with her two “salteens” (pictured above) were kept busy all weekend promoting the therapeutic benefits of salt cave.

The short drive over to North Scituate was well worth it to check out Board 143 (and pick up the DIY grazing box) and the other businesses that make up this little center. So many fantastic things happening in this coastal town and we can't wait to get back there soon for some more exploring!

Hello! South Shore is an initiative of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce. Our goal is to unlock wonder in our residents and spotlight all the great things our communities have to offer from arts, music, outdoor activities to food, beverage and local retailers. Get out and explore. You'll be surprised at how much you haven't seen.

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