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Hello! South Shore Resident Profiles

Our Hello! South Shore project is all about capturing the best of this region and sharing ideas about places to explore. We asked you to share your adventures and what you love about the place we get to call home. Take a read through some of these profiles of South Shore residents and their favorite finds from this summer!


Name: Emily Sugrue

Hometown: Milton, MA

Current town: Weymouth, MA

# of years on the South Shore: 35. Almost my whole life!

Your top three (3) finds from this summer’s exploring:

  1. Walks at Webb Park in North Weymouth.

  2. Summer concerts at the libraries

  3. Nantasket beach

Tell us why you love the South Shore.

We LOVE living close to the beach, trails, shopping and the city. You can always find something to do; whether it’s a summer concert, a Farmer’s Market, a new brewery, a ride on the carousel, or a delicious dinner on the water. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.


Name: Tracey M Ciavarra

Hometown: Plymouth

Current Town: Plymouth

# of years on the South Shore: 65 years! and still going!

Your top three (3) finds from this summer’s exploring:

  1. Plymouth Center for the arts, I have attended 2 water color classes there and have met wonderful people there and I love to see the complex.

  2. After my water color classes at The Plymouth Center for the Arts, I treat myself to lunch. I have found the Speedwell Tavern! I wouldn't have gone to lunch by myself if I had not been in the area of the Center for the arts. What a wonderful time and the food is soooooo goooooood!

  3. After lunch at the Speedwell I walk around the center and just love to see the beauty of my hometown, it is so friendly and inviting and a wonderful place to stroll away a delicious lunch!

Tell us why you love the South Shore:

I have lived here all my life and find the opportunities for every interest unending. Right here in our back yard! The South Shore is my home town and I am so proud to be here in America’s home town.


Name: Rick Doane Hometown: Weymouth Current town: Randolph Number of years on the South Shore: 35

Your top three (3) finds from this summer’s exploring:

  1. Our family discovered Nona’s ice cream in Hingham this summer and we love it.

  2. Alba’s Hanover location has awesome food in a beautiful new venue.

  3. We made a return trip to Treetop Adventures in Canton this summer. We love that place.

Tell us why you love the South Shore:

The South Shore’s central location is ideal for our lifestyle. Easy to access to cape, hop on the train to Boston and not too far from NH and Maine. It is beautiful - from forests to beaches and kayaking on ponds and rivers. The area is so rich in history. We love that we can raise our children in such a wonderful place.


Name: Tricia Duffey

Hometown: Scituate

Current Town: Scituate

# of years on the South Shore: 53

Your top three(3) finds from this summer’s exploring.

  1. Cohasset Harbor by boat

  2. Muscle Beach smoothie in Scituate Harbors Quench

  3. Fireworks on Glades Road

Tell us why you love the South Shore.

The South Shore is an extension of family -- it's that tight of a community. My family's heritage and my husband's go way back in the town of Scituate. My father-in-law used to be the harbormaster and my brother-in-laws photo is on the Irish Mossing Plaque located in the Harbor. Scituate is rich in heritage with its commercial fishing pier, Irish Mossing History, five beaches and golf courses. I love the proximity to Cohasset and Hingham for shopping. Each town has a personality of its own!


Name: Jill Donovan

Hometown: Hingham

Current town: Norwell

Number of years on the South Shore: 50 years on the South Shore

Your top three (3) finds from this summer’s exploring:

  1. Brant Rock, Marshfield. I feel I was transported to a vacation destination like Martha’s Vineyard or a beach town in California. I enjoyed shopping in the small shops, getting a sandwich for the beach at the market and making T-shirts for loved ones…and even myself.

  2. Downtown Cohasset. I spent an afternoon with my children enjoying all the downtown had to offer – South Shore Art Center, delicious lunch at Lenny’s Hideaway and strolling downtown and shopping.

  3. Weymouth. I forgot how lively Weymouth is and that it is truly a city. I spent some time at Barrel House Z trying the new Hello! South Shore beer that they created just for this initiative. The place was alive - hopping with young people hanging outside enjoying conversation, laughs and of course locally brewed craft beer. I felt like I was on Commonwealth Ave in Boston.

Tell us why you love the South Shore:

I love the South Shore because of all that it has to offer -- top rate restaurants, its natural beauty, history, high level healthcare, great schools, high quality of life. While there is so much to offer, you still have that small town vibe as you travel from town to town.


Name: Tom Kelly

Hometown: Quincy

Current town: Quincy

# of years on the South Shore: 64+

Share your top 3 finds from this summer’s exploring.

  1. Paragon Carousel

  2. Nona’s in downtown Hingham

  3. Flag Day celebration in Quincy

Tell us why you love the South Shore.

Love being near the water; love all the historic venues on the So Shore; love the proximity to downtown Boston.


Name: Rebecca Nidositko

Hometown: Falmouth, MA

Current town: Hingham, MA

# of years on the South Shore: 15

Top three Hingham spots:

  1. The Loring Theater, built in 1852 as a meeting hall, has operated as a movie theater since 1936. It's a one screen theater with a balcony, and it shows the best movies on the South Shore.

  2. Redeye Roasters, the only artisan coffee roastery and café in south suburban Boston, opened in 2011 in Hingham's old Bare Cove Marina building. Enjoy the best latte in Hingham in Redeye's cafe, outside at its waterfront seating, or take it to go and walk along Hingham's waterfront. Redeye is a great spot for a light breakfast or lunch, and if you get there before they sell out, and you also can get an amazing donut from Weymouth's Donut King.

  3. Founded in 2018, Doublemint Home opened its storefront in downtown Hingham in 2020. The store is full of unique home decor accents, including art and pottery made by Massachusetts artists. Doublemint is my go-to place for gifts, and it you haven't checked it out yet, you're missing out!

Tell us why you love the South Shore.

I love how the South Shore is a mix of old and the new. Like the Loring, Red Eye, and Doublemint—the buildings and the businesses are the very best of history and today.


Name: Heather McCall

Hometown: Holbrook

Current town: Holbrook

# of years on the South Shore: 45

Share your top 3 finds from this summer’s exploring.

  1. Rediscovering Hull. We loved Pemberton Point – it was such a great place to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the space. I also had never been to Fort Revere. The updates to the Boardwalk are terrific – loved the mural walk. The arcade was a blast from the past and outdoor space was awesome to sit back and relax with other families and kids.

  2. I had never been to Humarock and we ended our summer spending 5 days there. We safely biked around and enjoyed the beach. We explored a lot of Marshfield and Scituate, taking in the sights, food, and the beautiful homes in the area.

  3. Introducing our 5 year old to Plymouth was a real treat. We walked all over downtown Plymouth and he enjoyed going on the Mayflower. We spent a couple of days at Nelson Beach because it’s kid and dog friendly!

Tell us why you love the South Shore.

It’s easy to forget how great the region is when you’ve lived here your whole life. I was truly excited about the Hello campaign because it was going to give me a reason to encourage my family to get out of our comfort zone and see how truly special the area is. I love that our region offers so many different opportunities to choose from – whether you feel like a beach day, a hike, taking in some history, or eating something delicious, you can’t be bored here.


Name: Eric Dykeman

Hometown: Plymouth

Current town: Plymouth

# of years on the South Shore: 47 years

Top three (3) finds from this summer’s exploring.

  1. Seaside Trail, Plymouth

  2. Hull Life Saving Museum

  3. Any of the many farmer’s markets!

Tell us why you love the South Shore.

History, live music, theatre, sporting events, farmer’s markets, beer gardens, beaches, shopping, browsing, leisurely walks, long hikes, pulse-pumping jogs… and fabulous food… everything and anything you want to do can be done right here on the South Shore!


Name: Julie Williams

Hometown: Hanover

Current town: Marshfield

# of years on the South Shore: 40+ 😉

Share your top three (3) finds from this summer’s exploring.

  1. My first hidden gem is the Shea Field Memorial Grove at the former Naval Air Station in South Weymouth (pictured). As a child I would go on base with my father and family as he was in the Naval Reserves. The airbase was like its own universe and rich in history.

  2. Another Hidden Gem for those who like to watch sunsets and be by the water is Harbor Park in Marshfield (also pictured). Overlooking Green Harbor marina, you are just around the corner from Brant Rock and a number of restaurant and shopping choices!

  3. On my Summer 2021 Bucket List, I finally checked off dinner at Blakeman’s at Duxbury Beach Park! If you like fried seafood, great local brews, and a causal “roll-off-the-beach” setting (plus a sunset over Duxbury Bay), this place is a must to check out!

Tell us why you love the South Shore.

I may have moved out of the region after graduating college and to do the Boston experience, but I always knew I would come back to the South Shore for good. It’s always been home for my husband and me. This region has so much to offer us and our kids growing up here from coastal living and outdoor spaces to an amazing food culture and lifestyle. I’m here to stay!


Name: Peter Forman

Hometown: Plymouth

Current town: Plymouth

# of years on the South Shore: 63

Top three(3) finds from this summer’s exploring.

1. Norris Reservation in Norwell

2. Webster Conservation Area in Marshfield

3. Rockland Telephone History Center in the Sandpaper factory in Rockland

Tell us why you love the South Shore.

The South Shore has everything that creates a great quality of life without having to live an expensive lifestyle: scenery that stuns and soothes along with open spaces to walk, history and architecture that create a distinctive feel to places, exploding food and beer creations, but especially a great sense of community from old townies to the new bedroom commuters that may not realize they won’t want to leave.”


Name: Courtney Bjorgaard

Hometown: Castle Rock, CO

Current town: Weymouth

# of years on the South Shore: 5

Top three(3) finds from this summer’s exploring.

  1. Whitman Town Park – Go there! Great gravel walking paths, small pond with fountain and tons of great trees for shade on a hot day. This might be my new picnic spot!

  2. Island Grove Park, Abington – We had driven by this little pond of water a bazillion times over the past 5 years, but this year, we decided to get out and explore this little gem. Lucky for us, we were there on the same weekend that they were doing some Civil War era camp reenactments. I learned later in this Summer (from a local resident who reached out to share) that troops from Old Abington were the first in MA to respond to Lincoln's call to arms (at least 1st to arrive in Boston). From 1846-1965 anti-slavery rallies were held at Island Grove and there is a boulder with a plaque in commemoration. Any and all famous abolitionists of the day spoke in Abington.

  3. Weymouth 400 Food Truck Fridays - This was a great way to kick off any weekend – live music, car shows, tons of fantastic food truck (you have to try Thyme Travelling Food Truck), bean bag toss, ax throwing, face painting, balloon animals and more. We went multiple times this summer. It was a really fun family atmosphere that I hope will return next summer! Also, you must check out Weston Park in Weymouth Landing!

Tell us why you love the South Shore.

As a newer South Shore resident, I have come to love the tremendous walking trails, ability to hop in the car any day to catch a sunset or sunrise over the ocean, the community vibe that you can feel in each South Shore town and there is something for everyone – from history, hiking, live music, shopping, a growing beer and food scene. It is truly a special place. I could spend my whole life exploring and never see it all.


Name: Jill O'Brien

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

Current town: Marshfield

# of years on the South Shore: 11

Share your top 3 finds from this summer’s exploring:

1. Salt Restaurant in Plymouth

2. South Shore Music Circus – my first time!

3. REMIX Nutrition in Marshfield

Tell us why you love the South Shore:

The ocean, the rivers, the hikes/trails, and the sunsets!


Name: Amanda Gilman

Hometown: Pembroke

Current Town: Pembroke

# of years on the South Shore: 34

Your top three (3) finds from this summer’s exploring:

1. Grabbing a cocktail and appetizer at Trident in Hingham Shipyard

2. Getting coffee and donuts with friends in Slacktide in Marshfield

3. Oysters at Island Creek Oyster in Duxbury

Tell us why you love the South Shore: Not only does the South Shore feel like home to me, there are so many things to do and the community continues to grow and is so friendly. I have great memories with family and friends and look forward to continuing to build those memories. I did leave and live in NYC for 9 years but always came back to my parents home in Pembroke. My family has built businesses all across the south shore over the years from my grandmother's bridal business to my family's Dairy Queen, we have met many people along the way. There are so many things to do and explore from the beaches to the parks to many restaurants and activities to be a part of. I think my favorite part of the South Shore is experiencing all the different seasons and the different things to do with the change of seasons - viewing cranberry bogs, apple picking, beaches, etc. All of the small businesses are top notch and offer such great customer service.

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Deb Cox
Deb Cox
Aug 30, 2023

This is so much fun! Our team at loves everything South Shore and love living in this magical part of the state.


Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan
Mar 14, 2022

What a great read! I found so many cool things to do! Just moved back here and thought I would say that was the greatest mover and I hope to share more resources as I get familiar with the area.

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