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  • Heather McCall

Food, Arts, and History in Hull!

We started our day trip at Local 02045 to fuel up for our adventure! We enjoyed great food while enjoying a relaxing atmosphere and gorgeous view – despite the clouds. After lunch, we walked the A Street Pier where we had fun cheering on a boy who was jumping off for the first time before heading to Pemberton Point. We watched the boats zipping along between the islands. People were having picnics, fishing, and walking their dogs. A nice place to just take a bit of time for yourself…and, of course, throw rocks in the ocean.

We headed over to Fort Revere located on Telegraph Hill and explored the remains of the fortification (first used in the American Revolution). Is there anywhere in Hull that doesn’t offer awesome views?

Next, we went to Nantasket Avenue and parked. (One day parking pass was $15). We quickly decided we wanted ice cream so we went to Paragon Boardwalk and enjoyed soft serve before heading into the arcade. The 5-year-old had only one game in his sight: the giant Pac-Man. After the games, we sat outside while Ev played giant Jenga and cornhole.

We strolled through the Art Walk which showcases the artistic talent found in our region. The kid loved the skeleton pirate – of course!

And, finally, much to our son’s delight, it was time to hit the beach. We rolled up our pants (a fruitless endeavor!) and walked out, jumping in the waves left over from the storm. Plenty of folks were paddling and surfing and walking the beach.

Personally, I had not explored too much of Hull before this excursion. I knew the beach and some of the restaurants, but I haven’t spent any quality time there since I was child. It was fun to now bring my son to the area and be able to experience things together. The revitalized Boardwalk is an excellent addition, and the restaurants scene shouldn’t be dismissed. We did, indeed, have a Hull of a good time!

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